D Nursery School
Designed by Studio In's Factory + Sasakilabo.

Mie MATSUBARA Personal Works
Mie MATSUBARA (Mie Matsubara Art Work)

Gom Cafe

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Studio In's Factory /Kunihiro SASAKI + Mie MATSUBARA
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Kunihiro SASAKI (Sasakilabo.)
Mie MATSUBARA (Mie Matsubara Art Work)

In's Bldg. B1F 1-11-31 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-ku 
OSAKA 532-0011 Japan


By Studio In's Factory is Kunihiro SASAKI and Mie MATSUBARA design unit ,

is a design firm that has the space production and main business.

People spend in space, and we believe if it is free to help,
such as take advantage of the space as a tool.




Studio In's Factory は佐々木一泰と松原美恵による、空間制作を主な業務とした設計事務所です。