Dark box 2


Nishi-ku OSAKA

This proposes a space for an office and a studio for a free-lance photographer.

One key difference between this space as a studio and a normal office is that this space has a constitution which can shut out the light. Another key difference is that this space has a void space in the center of the room to flexibly use the void space for photo shootings.

3-functions= Photo Studio + Office + Gallery.

By densely gathering all functions into one corner, it secures the void space in the center of the room. The black gregarious doors function as a display space, and correspond to the temporary gallery use. Behind the doors, the ever-increasing materials and films are stored. The doors in front of windows have a role of a partition that can shut out the light. The desks can be closed when they are unnecessary. It is like a big black cluster floating on the wall, when all functions are closed. All those are hanged by some steel-rods from a ceiling. In front of the big window at the north side, wide louver boards are created to meet various situations such as shielding the light, having an open space, and securing privacy. The louver boards are used as the extension of the white wall when they are closed, and sometimes used as a screen to show the images from a projector.



3つの機能=Photo-Studio + Office + Gallery




専有面積 31.68㎡ 有効高さ 2.82m

06.2002 Utsubo-Honmachi OSAKA Photo by Koichi Sawada

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